About US

We are a highly innovative custom guitar company. Our unparalleled ‘Force Vector Controlled Geometry’  (US Patent 6,774,292) allows us to build a guitar which is a marriage between space age technology and traditional wooden art.

      Our guitars are hand built to your specifications (within reason),  custom painted using the highest quality materials, outfitted with the best hardware packages available, and feature a ten year warranty  (Applicable to FVCG carbonfiber necks only). We are a no compromise company.

      We are very different from other guitar companies. (This will probably ruffle a few feathers). Graphite / Carbon Fiber is a material borne from the aerospace industry, designed to have the highest strength to weight ratio possible and highest coefficient of stiffness, yet lowest thermal coefficient. Our Force Vector Controlled  neck design utilizes this material in an aerospace type fashion, very true to the structural design applications for which it was intended. We do not injection mold, extrude, or grind it into a powder to mix with wood pulp, etc.

      As you delve into our web site, you will begin to learn that although we have been musicians, and guitar builders / technicians for over a quarter of a century, we have also gained a wealth of knowledge since ’89 from our direct involvement in the aerospace industry (particularly composite aircraft structures and propellers). What is painfully obvious to us , is that (without exception) not one single guitar manufacturer that utilizes Graphite/Carbon Fiber materials, has any understanding of composite structural engineering, especially with a next generation material such as graphite. They have stood on the shoulders of geniuses to grasp this technology only to race back to the cave and forge a club with it. The rest of the industry is racing backward to make it quicker, cheaper, and easier. Yet while they continue their race to the bottom, we are light years ahead, with no compromises.