Stealth Neck

Why Are These Guitar Necks So Special?

      In the Aviation and Aerospace field, strength to weight ratio and stiffness to weight ratio is everything. In the guitar world, not compromising tone is everything.

      Designing with the best strength to weight ratio as a primary goal has also had a minimal impact on apparent acoustical mass of the neck core woods and very little change in the mass to density ratios. In all cases, any change of the instruments tone has been an improvement: improved clarity, more sustain, tighter bottom end, etc.

      The primary objectives for designing a neck of this type were stability and strength. For years I have played high end guitars, but because I prefer my action set at 1mm (which is abnormally low) I was constantly adjusting the neck. Even with a $ 4,000 guitar. Without fail, every time the weather changed, the neck needed an adjustment. The evolution of this design was to solve this problem.

      Our necks are approximately twelve times stiffer than a conventionally constructed wooden neck. Where a conventional neck contains a truss rod to take the bow out of the neck our necks contain an orbit relief control Mechanism. This Mechanism functions completely opposite (it has to, our necks are perfectly straight and so stiff that string tension alone is not enough force to cause the neck to bow) allowing a player that desires orbit relief in the playing surface of the neck to “crank in” the desired amount.