Unless you purchase one of our in-stock guitars. Your custom order will take approximately 12 weeks. You may contact us in person at any one of our phone numbers, by mail, or by email. We would very much like to speak with you prior to ordering, and encourage you to call us. We are a one on one, touchable company.

      Terms:   Upon contacting us we will submit to you an order form and commission agreement. Whereby you agree to commission us to build one guitar to your custom specifications, or you may choose the specs of one of our existing models. Payments are made in three installments. One third upon placement of your order. A third prior to paint and assembly, and the final third prior to delivery. We prefer personal or company checks, money orders, other certified funds and PAYPAL payable to “ROCKMACE GUITARS Inc.”. We do not accept trade-ins or credit cards for guitar orders, and if your bank does not honour your check we charge you $ 100 every time this happens (NO EXCEPTIONS). Your order will be suspended until this issue is resolved (NO EXCEPTIONS). Deposits for custom orders are non-refundable.

      Also we do not do rush orders. Each instrument is a work of art to us, and being artists we highly resent being rushed. So if you are of the buy now, pay later mentality and absolutely have to have it tomorrow. The number for Musicians Friend is 1-800-776-5173.

      Please, Just Say No to mass produced “cookie-cutter guitars” at hand-made prices.