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THE VIPER CUSTOM – has a Mahagony neck with birdseye Maple two octave fingerboard, and carbon fiber top. This combination is lethal. A soloist’s dream with the thinline neck profile and PAF Pro® pickups this guitar sounds warm beyond belief, and is still not overly bright or bottom heavy. With volume and tone fully open it is 100% Humbucker, but back the volume off to around 7, and the strat like pop of the Maple fingerboard is more apparent. This is, A Tone Monster.
NeckFVCG Carbon Graphite Mahogany neck-thru body (Pat. Pending) with thinline neck profile 25.5 inch scale.
FingerboardTwo Octave, Birdseye Maple, Jumbo Frets.
BodyPopular, 1.7 inch thick, with top laminate of carbon cloth.
PickupsDiMarzio PAF Pro, Stewart Mounting System.
BridgeFloyd Rose Original, Chrome
TunersSchaller M6L Mini, Chrome
FinishGraphite to Gold Green Burst, highlited by Blue-Green Pearl. Translucent Carbon Neck
PriceAs Specd.  $3,350. Plus Applicable Tax, Insurance, and Shipping. Solid Colors  $3,150. Other Colors Available.