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THE RAVEN –   The Raven  has a maple neck-thru body with a Rosewood fingerboard. Standard neck profile, a favorite of traditionalists, with these specs the tonality is very Les Paul® or PRS® like but without the mud. A Benchmark Standard. The finish is a Chameleon paint system which changes thru a wide spectrum of colors depending upon the viewing angle. Hues vary from burnt orange, cherry, blue, green, and fushia. The rounded flowing line accent this even more. Paint cost is $32.00 per oz, this is equal to $4,096.00 per gallon. This is possibly the most beautiful guitar you will ever see. Other sexy Harliguin® colors are available.

NeckFVCG Carbon Graphite Maple neck-thru body (Pat. Pending) with standard neck profile 25.5 inch scale.
FingerboardRosewood, 21 Jumbo Frets.
BodyPopular, 1.7 inch thick.
PickupsDiMarzio PAF Pro, Stewart Mounting System.
BridgeFloyd Rose Original, Chrome
TunersSchaller M6L Mini, Chrome
FinishPPG Harlequin Royal Cherry.
PriceAs Specd.  $3,050 Plus Applicable Tax, Insurance, and Shipping. Solid Colors  $2,750. Other Colors Available.